Friday, May 1, 2009

And it rains in your bedroom.

I could just hide under the swollen pile of clothes that continues to gorge itself on whatever gets dropped on the floor. Which is everything.

My family is kind of screwed up. But then I know that is kind of a superfluous statement, like "chocolate is yum" etc. It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone's family is screwed up. So yeah, mine is like everyone else's, and people don't get along and it gets awkward and stuff. However, today we had a decent chunk of the extended family over which was really, really nice :) I got to hold babies and make tea for people and it was just all-around-middle-class-white-family pleasantness.

Now I am avoiding doing my homework, which BTW I should start calling "assignments" since apparently University is different to High school. It's all just school to me; whether you're learning to read Ancient runes or learning to read Shakespeare or just plain learning to read. School, learning, hard. All non-distinct terms. Which is how it should be. Speaking of how it should be, I should get back to work.

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