Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

I like to re-use teabags. Like, one teabag to two cups of tea. I am a fan of refills, okay? I also try to take short showers (and fail miserably). I love cheese but I've been vegan since September - I miss parmesan like crazy. I'm a fan of self-righteous sacrifice, I suppose. Poor Earth, poor children in Africa, poor homeless person etc.; I'ma cut back so in some weird way they can have what I have. Affluence, boredom, a propensity (and ability) to over-eat. Yeah, likely.

Somehow I never managed to make much of a difference. The world and its inhabitants are still dying. And I ain't no skinny bitch, for all the vegan dieting and bike riding places.

That being said; I need new clothes. I want to go shopping which COULD prove difficult considering the recent quarantine of my sister with the whole swine flu pandemic. Work don't want me for a little while; how will I pay for my vanity? Granted, my accidentally giving swine flu to the pregant women and old men I am frequently in contact with at work could tarnish my image; no matter how trendy my new skirt is. But I really wish there wasn't such a strict budget considering just how dire my wardrobe situation is lately. I finally outgrew my "nothing but t-shirts!" phase but shirts with defined necklines and tailored seams cost a wee bit more. Damn my curves.

Shopping with me is an activity akin to a specifically awful kind of Chinese torture. I am so fussy. Even when gift shopping for other people I'm a perfectionist. And clothes shopping; ugh! I have a particularly frustratingly odd figure so I am always complaining. And, as in this blog, no one will or wants to listen.

So there're my thoughts for now. Fascinating, right?


  1. sounds like shopping for you is a bit like it is for me... =/

    I could never be vegetarian, let alone vegan; I can't help it, I just don't have the willpower. I need to lose weight for formal later this year but... I eat anyway. And don't exercise.

    I must say I don't like tea... at all... but to each his own. I am a coffee nut. Or perhaps... a coffee bean.

    Maybe I shouldn't try to be funny like that haha.

    I've been way busy with school and stuff so i haven't been reading blogs, but there are definitely a couple of your posts i mean to reread properly soon and comment... if that means anything.

  2. i must say, i'm also curious, is the title from that "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin? Or something different?

  3. Yeah, it's from "Dark Blue". Went through a major JM phase lately. Inspired by @ashneenan, actually.