Monday, April 27, 2009

Lectures, libraries and lingering.

I seem to have an unnatural fascination with and/or propensity for all three. Today, despite nearly falling asleep in Democracy, Ecological History and Modern Lit lectures; I still really enjoyed them. I'm that geeky kid at the back of the class that laughs at all of the lecturer's jokes and takes note of the totally irrelevant stuff because to me it's the most interesting.

I didn't manage to get to any of the three libraries I was planning on visiting today because both the weather and I are crap. I'll go tomorrow and get resources and study and write my essays. I promise.

I keep on planning to go home right away so I can go to the aforementioned libraries but end up hanging around and buying food and talking people's ears off. Literally, I mean, Nick had to tuck his into his back pocket and sew them back on when he got home to some peace and quiet. Sorry, dude.

Here's to be being better at life tomorrow.

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