Friday, August 21, 2009

She's my superior.

There's nothing like having to blog for a school assignment to make you want to blog for fun. And, of course, my blog is destined to be a bit of a non sequitur. So just deal with it.

Watching Never Been Kissed on TV and weird things pop into my head. I like little things about the movie and the '90s, by extension. I like that people wore really odd lipsticks; purple, white, sparkly etc. I like that whether you were a dork or trendy, every girl wore clothes that made them look like little girls. I just really like the lack of pretension in that era. These days clothes and fashion and make-up are all corrupt, so obviously an equation we all have to figure out before we can present ourselves to the world. The '90s was grunge. It was the dribs and drabs left over from the '80s. Shapeless sacks of dresses and skirts teamed with big hair and apathy. Girls with curves wearing high waisted stuff that showed them off. Denim. Flannel. Boots. Love.

The '90s was simplicity. It will only feel that way now, I'm certain it didn't feel that way then. But watching this movie makes me yearn for big glasses, ugly haircuts and brightly coloured, novelty sized backpacks.

That is all.


  1. I am watching it also :)
    I don't think the 90s were simplicity. Perhaps from observation. But we weren't taking part - our role was limited to just that, observation. I'm sure the movie actually evokes nostalgia in those who were present, who completed high school in Anywhere, USA in the 90s, but aren't we just mourning for a time we weren't actually around for? It's more pretense of nostalgia, isn't it?

    Not to say that that feeling isn't real, or valid. Quite the contrary. I feel it intensely.

  2. Oh dear. I haven't seen that movie since it came out, but I was prepared to argue it was certainly released in the 2000s -- until I did some Googling. Whoops. How time does fly.

    I'm curious to ogle some of the fashions in that movie now, which didn't strike me as at all strange then. Maybe I'll pop it in the VCR (!).